Fascinating Option to Choose north america . – All the DV Lottery Technique

You can find various ways and means through which you can come to the US. It entirely falls on the intention of your visit. Visas and green cards help you go on to the US temporarily or permanently. A visa is for a temporary stay whereas a natural card will help you live and work in the US permanently.

You can find quite a few ways you can tread to acquire a green card. A straightforward and a tempting option is the annually conducted Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program. As there are numerous privileges for a natural card holder and you can legally enter, work and live permanently in the US, it is well worth giving a decide to try through the DV lottery program. As mentioned earlier, there are alternative methods also that will help you get a natural card.

Diversity lottery:

A substantial number of 50,000 green cards are available through the DV lottery program every year. Winners are selected randomly by a computer. There are a number of simple, but strict eligibility requirements that you have to meet up to be able to qualify for the program. Not totally all countries are eligible and the set of qualifying countries should indeed be limited. If your large number of immigrants from your country moved to the US, your country won’t qualify under this program. If more than 50,000 persons from your country stumbled on the US underneath the family and employment based visa classification during the last five years, your country won’t qualify because of this year’s DV lottery program.

So, to take part in the program, you ought to represent a qualifying country. The qualifying country, generally is the nation where you had been born and is not linked to where you currently live. The next eligibility requirement is that you need to have at the very least a senior high school education or its equivalent.

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) is the authority in-charge with this entire process หวยเด็ด. The method consists of selecting the winners randomly by way of a computer for the fiscal year program. The email address details are announced by the KCC only and it is incredibly important to notice that no other organization is authorized to declare the outcome because, off-late, there are numerous scammers who send emails to applicants informing them they have won the lottery. Earlier, the KCC followed the method of announcing the outcome by regular postal mail involving the months of May and July every year. They changed the notification process throughout the 2010 year DV program, where applicants were to test the outcome online in the official website. Applicants could check if they are selected or not.

The DV lottery result process:

There is a specific registration period annually and which will be notified well beforehand by the official department. You can submit your application only in this period and after the entry submission is finished, the web site will stop accepting entries for that one year. Some type of computer will select winners randomly from the valid entries region wise.

Every valid entry is going to be assigned an incident number. If you are selected, you is going to be notified on how best to proceed further and you will also be informed to not proceed further if you don’t fulfill the eligibility requirements that is mandatory for the program. The confirmation number that you obtain the moment you submit your entry is the only path to test if you’re selected or not. So it is important to help keep your confirmation number safe.

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