5 best Water Sports in Dubai

  Dubai might be associated together with the Arabian Desert but in recent times it’s managed to be a popular location for water babies from around the globe! The city has its enormous coastline, calm waters on the Arabian Sea, and superb beach facilities that are fast becoming a global water sports destination. One may […]

5 Best Water Sports Activities in Tamarindo

  Tamarindo Beach as well as the surrounding area provides an exciting bunch of water sports as well as activities. Tamarindo Bay is a popular launch point for world-class sportfishing charters, off-shore or near-shore. Afternoon catamaran sails that end at sunset, as well boat tours that examine the maze of seaside mangroves are some other […]

Top 5 Best Water Sports Activities in Papeet

  Papeete is the most popular French Polynesian islands, because of their picture perfect shorelines and romantic ambiance. Certainly, these islands are perfect for handholding, with the lush landscapes of theirs and mood setting features as grottos and lagoons. The heart shaped island of Mo’orea can make a fantastic foundation for divers and snorkelers eager […]