Top 4 Best Water Sports Activities in Hurghada

The Red Sea is among the most prominent things which characterizes Egypt and also helps it be really a comprehensive nation containing all of what a traveler might have to invest a great getaway full of fun and enjoyment. The idea of great culture and civilization is well represented in Egypt plus with the sensational resorts and beaches which are placed in Egypt’s many cities; visitors are able to invest an unforgettable historic, cultural, and leisure getaway in the fantastic land of Pharaohs. In this post, you are going to find a guide to several of the best recommended water sports which may be practiced in Egypt and also a the best place to relish all of them so read to get a general concept about those water and activities sports. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Hurghada.

  • Scuba Diving

The Red Sea is among the most effective diving spots in the planet. With really clear water, colorful aquatic life, beautiful reefs, scuba diving is among the most gratifying water sports.

Hurghada provides a lot of opportunity to try scuba diving though the most effective way to see it’s taking one day out going diving, studying all the basic principles and seeing as a lot of this stunning underwater world as is possible.

  • Snorkelling

One of the better snorkelling excursions takes you with the desert island paradise of healthy park Giftun Island, wherever you will have the opportunity to notice colourful fish, coral and swim together with the pleasant dolphins. After a 45 minute motorboat ride throughout the distinct bluish waters, kit up with your rented snorkelling gear and dive on in. A lot of these snorkelling tours provide lunch aboard the boat as well as the opportunity to find several of Hurghada’s amazing landscapes.

  • Kiteboarding

If you are after something extreme, try out kiteboarding. Colona Watersports is among the safest centres available Hurghada, with the biggest beach (twelve 100 metres) consisting of dull areas and water of choppy waves ideal for learning. Situated on the Swiss Inn Magawish seaside, Colona comes with an impressive shallow area for separate areas and beginners for the more complex.

  • Windsurfing

Planet Windsurf windsurfing institution is grounded at the Mecure Hotel and also provides training and lessons to rookies or maybe intermediate windsurfers. This professional and experienced team offers individual or maybe group lessons in which you are able to discover this particular exhilarating water sport.


The perfect time going windsurfing is from March to November, with top winds observed in summer time, out of June to October.

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